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Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Solutions for Long-Term Care Facilities

Payment reform, new regulation, and increased competition are all flooding the market at a time when baby boomers needs are increasing. As a facility, you must ask yourself “Can our partners help us navigate industry change now and in the future?”

At Vertis Therapy, we are focused on helping you develop your market niche and create a competitive advantage in the crowded long-term care industry. Our clinical programs are individualized to your residents, integrated with your facility and innovative to help your residents live higher quality lives. Above all, our national expertise in regulation and payment reform keep your business safe, allowing you to get back to what matters most – your residents.

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Our Delivery Model Ensures Success

Innovative, integrated and individualized. Our approach lives at the intersection of these three concepts.

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Clinical Programs for Positive Outcomes

Every facility and every market are different; your clinical programs should be too.

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Compliance Support to Keep You in Step

Staying updated with compliance regulations is vital for long-term care facilities looking to stay competitive.

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