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Help for LTC Facilities on Compliance Issues

Your site can have the latest and greatest facilities, therapists and programs, but without proper compliance protocols in place it is impossible to stay afloat. Vertis Therapy’s compliance services help you keep up with ever-changing regulations to stay competitive in the community you serve.

From sound documentation and risk assessment to auditing, coding and report preparation, Vertis Therapy is your go-to resource for LTC compliance.

Compliance and Denials Management Services

  • Improved Quality of Documentation- provide education and resources for justifying medical necessity and skilled provision of services, regulatory guidelines, NCDs/LCDs, audit agency activity and focus areas.
  • Compliance Plan Development- put compliance standards & practices in place to act as foundation for audits, monitoring, education and enforcement.
  • Medical Record Audits- identify risk areas and develop opportunities for improvement to decrease risk.
  • Monitor OIG, ZPIC, RAC, CERT and MAC Activity- identify risks related to documentation, coding and billing by proactively monitoring audit and contractor agencies.
  • Denials Management- education and support resources for your facility through ADR/denials process, including multi-level appeals.
  • Quarterly Newsletter- provides updates and education on compliance outsourcing and oversight services.
  • Monthly Maintenance Support Plans- contact Vertis Therapy for support by phone or through email.

Rehab and Clinical Compliance Services

  • Rehab Risk Assessments- find risk areas relating to the rehab industry, Medicare, third party reimbursements and practice risk.
  • Prioritization and Correction Planning- ensure compliance and issue resolution through establishing a formal program, internal monitoring and continually auditing risk areas identified.
  • Training and Education- train staff members in providing quality care that adheres to all standards (clinical, regulatory and legal).
  • Reporting, Investigation and Enforcement Standards- compliance issues and concerns are openly discussed, confidential reporting lines established, and thorough investigations of reported concerns are completed with applicable discipline.

Get in touch with Vertis Therapy to learn more about our Compliance Services and how they can benefit your facility.