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Programs Focused on Restoring the Highest Level of Independence

Every patient requires different programs and skill sets depending on their age, cognitive, and physical abilities. At Vertis Therapy, we have developed our Clinical Programs specifically for the needs of each facility’s population. Our therapists specialize in these programs, and are committed to increase quality of life and independence in their everyday work.

Dementia Management

As dementia becomes more prominent, working with residents with dementia is an everyday occurrence. Our Dementia Management program establishes activities to increase resident function while minimizing behavioral interruptions:

  • The Global Deterioration Scales are used to determine each individual resident’s cognitive level
  • We help identify challenges in each resident’s environment and develop opportunities for improvement
  • Therapists work with facility staff to create care strategies and routines unique to each patient to help them succeed.
  • Facility staff is trained by Vertis therapists to sustain gains made by residents.

Short-Term Rehab

A vital link between hospitalization and returning home, our Short-Term Rehab program focuses on quick recovery in function and safety to help participants feel safe and independent when they return home:

  • Therapy emphasizes quick recovery and regaining mobility and independence using ADLs, IADLs and state of the art equipment and technology
  • Our therapists initiate communication with patient, family members and nursing staff for a quick transition
  • Upon admission, creating a plan for discharge of the patient is a primary goal
  • Home safety evaluations are conducted to assess a patient’s living environment after discharge

Continence Improvement

We understand that urinary incontinence is not a medical condition, but a symptom of one. Our Continence Improvement program focuses on decreasing incidences from 7 per day down to 2 per day:

  • Techniques such as scheduled voiding, bladder retraining and pelvic muscle strengthening are utilized
  • Our therapists also use medication, non-invasive electrical stimulation and psychological quieting to improve bladder function


To us, “wellness” incorporates more than exercise or a fancy piece of equipment. Our Wellness program focuses on enhancing the minds, bodies and spirits of the residents and patients we work with in nine dimensions:

Wellness Image

  • Each resident’s individual strengths and limitations are assessed, as is their level with ADLs, Occupation/Purpose and Leisure Interests in order to develop customized goals
  • Our therapists and Regional Managers work with facility administrators to coordinate proper fitness programs and purchase appropriate exercise equipment
  • A patient’s community and home are assessed for safety and independence to prevent declines in function

Fall Prevention

Elders have the highest risk of a fall, especially those in long-term care facilities. Our Fall Prevention program uses our trained therapists to identify risks like declining condition or environmental issues that could lead to a fall:

  • Work with IDT staff to identify patients/residents at risk because of health complications or declines in condition
  • After a fall, Vertis therapists examine intrinsic and extrinsic factors that led to the fall and address them using restorative, compensatory or adaptive techniques.
  • Falls can be prevented by maintaining independence and pursuing an active lifestyle with our Wellness program.

Additional Programs

There are a number of programs and services our therapists provide that aren’t limited to one of the above areas of care. All of the following programs are offered as part of our comprehensive model of care:

  • Exercise Prescription
  • Falls and Balance
  • Medically Complex Patient Care
  • Pain Management
  • Home Assessment
  • Medication Management
  • Edema Management
  • Intensive Rehabilitation
  • Restraint Reduction
  • Contracture Management
  • Wound Care
  • Dietary Waiver
  • Oral Care

Get in touch with Vertis Therapy today to learn more about our Clinical Programs and how they can benefit your patients & residents.