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OTR-PRN-Fort Wayne are

  • Job Type: PRN
  • Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Date Posted: 9/10/2019
  • Apply By: 08/14/2020
  • Job Description:
  • Primary Job Function

    The Occupational Therapist evaluates and treats patients in accordance with orders from a physician through use of therapeutic procedures designed to address deficits in self-care skills and abilities to perform tasks in daily living and work environments and to improve independence, safety, and quality of life. The Occupational Therapists ensures quality, efficient occupational therapy is provided to patients by managing the delivery of care throughout the course of treatment and delegating appropriate components of care to the Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant under his/her supervision. The Occupational Therapist participates as a member of the interdisciplinary team providing support and information within the area of occupational therapy.

     Primary Responsibilities

    • Review available patient information and evaluate the impact of this information on the assessment and treatment process.
    • Conducts and documents a thorough functional assessment of the patient utilizing standardized procedures. Includes home/vocational and equipment needs.
    • Develop and implement an individualized treatment plan based on patient needs and containing achievable functional goals.
    • Comply with evaluation, treatment and documentation guidelines.
    • Record patient progress in the patient record a minimum of every seven (7) days.
    • Revise treatment plans, as needed, throughout the treatment process.
    • Documents the course of treatment in a clear, concise manner, including a discharge summary utilizing the prescribed format.
    • Instruct Assistants in treatment procedures to be utilized and provide close supervision while such staff are working with patients.
    • Orient patients to program services and treatment procedures appropriate to their needs. Inform patients of any potential risk during any procedure.
    • Work with nursing staff, patient and families to maximize patient's use of functional abilities.
    • Establish and instruct patient and family/other caregiver in exercises and therapeutic procedures to be continued following discharge.
    • Assist in the referral process when a patient requires additional services following discharge. Maintain current knowledge of community resources.
    • Attend and participate in rehabilitation team conferences regarding patient progress, problem or needs.
    • Attend and participate in other department/facility meetings, as required.
    • Access continuing education opportunities appropriate to discipline and responsibilities in order to maintain clinical accuracy.
    • Participate in the quality improvement process by responding appropriately to results of medical record audits, patient/referral source satisfaction surveys safety activities and regulatory requirements.
    • Act in compliance with Vertis Therapy Management policies and procedures, State, Federal and Professional Organization regulatory and professional standards and guidelines.
    • Provide input to the Rehab Director on clinical performance of assistants as requested and appropriate.

    Minimum Qualifications/Requirements

    • Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy or Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy and five years of direct practice experience.
    • Current license/certification in the state of practice.
    • Prefer current registration with the American Occupational Therapy Certification Board.
    • Demonstrated competency in applying the principles, methods, materials and equipment used in Occupational Therapy to the patient population served by this facility.
    • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Adequate computer skills in order to complete required job duties and computerized documentation.
    • Demonstrated ability to assess patient needs and develop and implement a comprehensive plan of care.
    • Knowledge of accreditation standards and compliance requirements.
    • Promote the programs and services of Vertis Therapy through formal and informal interactions with the community.
    • Perform other duties as assigned.

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