The Vertis Difference

Our Delivery Model, Affiliations and Work with Clients

What separates us from other therapy providers? Our approach to everything we do.

We provide great service delivered with what’s best for your residents and your facility in mind. Our leadership team ensures our company culture of innovation, interdisciplinary integration and individualization are instilled in each therapist and team member. And we align ourselves with industry partners who share our commitment to high quality, person-centered care.

The Vertis Therapy Delivery Model

The biggest differentiator for us isn’t the service we provide, but the manner in which we provide it. Our philosophy is broken down in to six equally important concepts:

  • Person-Centered Care
  • Operational Structure
  • Technology
  • Staff Development
  • Partnership Meetings
  • Productivity

Learn more about our Delivery Model and how it can bring success and efficiency to your long-term care facility.

Professional Affiliations

When you are a healthcare provider dedicated to individualized, integrated and innovative care, you affiliate yourself with companies dedicated to the same idea. The organizations we align ourselves with have the same goals and approach as we do. Learn more about Vertis Therapy’s professional affiliations.

Client Testimonials

We’re not shy about saying we are very good at what we do. But we would rather have past clients share their success stories with us. Hear from actual Vertis Therapy clients about their experience with us!