PDPM: The Patient Driven Payment Model

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PDPM: The Patient Driven Payment Model

PDPM: The Patient Driven Payment Model

On October 1, 2019, PDPM takes effect. It is the largest change to skilled nursing reimbursement in 20 years. Our training and preparation for our staff at Vertis began in 2018 so we could be an effective interdisciplinary partner in achieving quality outcomes with cost efficiency.
Some components of the Vertis Therapy approach to effectively partner with each facility includes:

• Every Minute Counts is a training/approach strategy where we focus on the efficient performance of therapy services, making “every minute count” during therapy for effective and efficient clinical outcomes

• Training on The Therapeutic Science Behind Modes of Treatment so each therapist understands the clinical benefits of individual, group and concurrent treatment modes towards clinical outcomes as well as the creation of a safe discharge plan which minimizes risks such as falls or re-hospitalization.

• Group and Concurrent Treatment Protocols as well as sample groups for each patient type developed for clinician implementation.

• Training in Patient Classification Categories and how that relates to facility reimbursement as well as patient need within length of stay targets and needs for a safe discharge plan.

• Rehab Director time allocation for daily case management meetings to identify and capture comorbidities and accurate ICD-10 coding. Compliance team audit of coding to ensure the more appropriate use.

• Daily communication between the rehab management team and MDS team.

• ICD 10 training for all key customer staff to maximize reimbursement as clinically appropriate under PDPM.

• ICD auditing by our compliance team to ensure accurate coding and claims payment.
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