Proud to Partner with Methodist Senior Services

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Proud to Partner with Methodist Senior Services

Ella Clayton

            Vertis Therapy is once again partnering with Methodist Senior Services to provide high-quality healthcare services. Methodist Senior Services is a charitable, not for profit organization that was founded in 1962. It is a United Methodist related institution. With twelve facilities across Mississippi, 1,007 employees, and 2,174 volunteers, Methodist Senior Services is well equipped to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.

            Methodist Senior Services follows the values of the Christian faith, but proudly offers non-denominational services regardless of race, gender, religion, national income or origin. Methodist Senior Services also has the Sunday Fund, a fund created to meet the financial burdens of elders who no longer have the resources and financial capability to pay for housing or care. Methodist Senior Services proudly provides an open and welcoming environment for all their residents.

            Methodist Senior Services’ service goal is, “To provide elders with housing and services that meet their mental, physical, and spiritual needs, as well as their residential, personal care, and long term healthcare requirements”. And their mission statement is “To serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love”. Their core values are servant ministry, the dignity of elders, compassion for those they serve, operational excellence, and innovative service. Methodist Senior Services has served a total of 1,844 elders, 1,402 of those being residents.

            Vertis Therapy is proud to support the values and mission of Methodist Senior Services. We strive to create the best atmosphere for healthcare services with Christian values through our exciting partnership.