What Lower Productivity Means for You

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PT and patient

When most of us hear the words, “low productivity,” we instantly get all kinds of negative images in our heads. Maybe you imagine disgruntled workers, an unhappy boss or a wide variety of other scenarios, none of which are good.

At Vertis Therapy, however, we pride ourselves on lower productivity expectations. Far from being a hallmark of a badly-run business, when it comes to productivity, your residents will receive better care when their  therapists’ productivity is lowered.

The unfortunate trend that we’ve seen in some  therapy  companies is an emphasis on quantity over quality. In our industry  therapists are expected to spend a certain percentage of their time each day with patients. Most providers set it at around 90 percent. In extreme cases, they’re expected to spend up to 100 percent of their time treating patients.

While on the surface this might seem like a good thing, it doesn’t take into account the other tasks our  therapists do to ensure the best care for your residents. Striving for clear and open communication with your residents’ nurses is one of those things. Our  therapists take the time to find out everything they can about the patient so they can deliver exactly what they need.

Educating the patients and their families is another feature our  therapists do to deliver the best care to residents. We want to make sure that they understand what they need to do outside of our visits—and why—so they will be motivated to continue their treatment.

Another thing we do is educate ourselves. We allow our staff to spend time in staff trainings, quality assurance meetings and quarterly screenings to help ensure high quality standards so we can provide the very best in patient care. Our productivity is set at 75-80 percent for the team, which helps our therapists not feel rushed when it comes time to developing themselves and coordinating patient care.

If you’re a long-term care facility looking to provide the very best in therapy for your residents, give Vertis Therapy a call today! Our  programs are individualized to your residents, to help them live longer, higher quality lives.